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Box Owner
Jeremy Siglock

Box Owner

IFBB Bikini Pro 
Chanan Siglock


Jeremy Siglock, a military dependent, came to Abilene in 1997 and have been here since.Chanan Siglock, was born and raised here in Abilene, Texas. Jeremy and Chanan met in 2004, married in 2006 and  they have their two beautiful children, Maeley and Elijah Siglock. They have owned their box and have been affiliated since 2012.


Jeremy Siglock, the Head Coach and Box owner at CrossFit325. He worked as a manager at the Dyess, AFB for 5 years and decided to join his wife, Chanan Siglock, to pursue her business, which now has grown to be a successful CrossFit gym. Jeremy Siglock, is a certified Olympic Weightlifitng Coach and CFL2 Coach. Jeremy had played football and basketball during his school years and has always loved to workout. Working out was something Jeremy and Chanan always enjoyed doing together. They now have taken something they love and made it into something that is apart of their daily lives. 


Chanan Siglock holds a degree for Business Management and is the head administrator at CrossFit325. After going through nursing school, she found that fitness was what she loved to do and helping others achieve their desired fitness goals. Chanan Siglock has always been an athlete during her school years. She is a certified personal trainer since 2009, as well as a 5x nationally qualified bikini competitor that is now competing as an IFBB Bikini Pro, since June 2015. She lives to inspire others to live the same healthy lifestyle she does. She stays busy with her Boot-camps, one-on-one clients, bikini preps for other clients, and managing their business.

Chanan and Jeremy loves helping others, they have owned their box and affiliated since 2012. They love to help motivate, inspire, and change lives with anyone who walks into the doors of CrossFit325.















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